Somehow conventional Psychology  has denied the essence of who we are.  This has been a grave mistake. Spiritual Psychology honors life,  the living, loving spirit within each being – as one’s source of healing and empowerment.

The University of Mount Shasta re-integrates the spiritual dimension into psychological counseling, holistic healing, and life empowerment coaching.

“What is Spirit?“ Spirit is what scientists call “Life “and religions call “God” – because it miraculously heals and evolves into higher intelligence.  This Great Spirit of all things is loving. Love is the organizing principle of our universe. Our happiness results from realizing and expressing this Great Loving Spirit within.

Denying Spirit in our Psychology is like avoiding the sunshine each day. Our source of life IS the miraculous spirit that regenerates and grows bodies, heart connections, and inspired thinking of brilliant minds.

Spiritual Psychology is experiencing the healing and empowerment of “applying love to  the hurt,” to mend our perceived separation and thus rediscover the radiance of our oneness with all life.   Our curriculum is uniquely designed for students to learn the skills of issue resolution. (An issue is anything that disturbs your inner peace.)  Through practical learning exercises, students become highly skilled at healing their own and others issues through various ways of applying LOVE to the hurt.

To further understand what Spiritual Psychology is, let’s look at two common human imbalances in our world today.

There are those who are generally avoiding Spirit, the source of their aliveness and happiness. They are grounded in the world, but eventually become disenchanted, unhappy, and ill.   These people are well steeped in their learned human psychology, but unaware of their inherent eternal spiritual freedom that transcends all human issues.

On the other hand, there are others who avoid their human psychology by remaining  “high” on their spiritual knowing.  By denying their shadow, (longstanding human issues) they lack success in their careers and relationships.  This is also known as the “Spiritual Bypass.”

People get stuck in their life because they are not working on all 4 levels: Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. At least  one of their bodies have fallen behind; often it is the emotional body. For example the physical solution for losing weight of going on a diet rarely works without addressing the underlying emotional motivation to overeat.    At UMS, students work on all dimensions to create real growth and positive changes in their careers and relationships.

We will conclude with our official definition of spiritual psychology:

Spiritual Psychology is awakening to our freedom to choose our thoughts, feelings, and actions, our Loving that heals the hurt, and our joyful Soul emerging into our body and human experience.

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