Stuck with an issue?…  Feeling Pain?

Come to one of us and you will experience relief during or immediately following your first session or we will refund your payment.

We can do this because our  methods produce instant and lasting results. We clear layers of trapped emotional pain out of your body like swiping old data out of a credit card. Physical pain leaves once the emotional pain has been cleared. You will feel lighter and more grounded and peaceful after each session. Again, if you do not notice positive results after your first session we will not charge you for your introductory session.

When this miraculous work was done to me, Joa,  for the first time, it seemed too good to be true.  But I, and countless others have experienced instant and permanent relief from a list of maladies.  I now help people resolve the following list of issues.

Attention Deficient Disorder ADD and PTS Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome are caused by toxic emotional memories trapped in the body from previous traumatic experiences.  We clear out the “old story” quickly, like clearing old data out of a credit card. I have assisted very swift recoveries for these issues.

Smoking is caused by a poor breathing habit that started at birth.  Unnatural child birth procedure involves cutting the umbilical cord before the infant has learned to breathe.  The first breaths therefore are fear based.  Instead of learning how to breathe being an exciting exploration it was a panic to save ones life after one’s oxygen supply was suddenly terminated. This “breath of fear” becomes the person’s predominate way of breathing for the rest of one’s years until one learns how to clear these traumatic emotions and re-pattern their breathing.  I help smokers transition to nonsmokers by clearing their trapped emotions and teaching them Conscious Breathing which they practice each day in their walking stride.  Once a person experiences the limitless RELAXED ENERGY that Conscious Breathing generates and the naturally exhilarating liberation from heavy emotions, the motivation to smoke dissolves.  There is no longer a craving for an article source becomes one’s natural energy becomes overflowing.

Depression is caused by layers of negative emotions trapped in the body along with negative beliefs. Layer by layer we get them all out over a a course of a few weeks.  Clients feel lighter after each session until they become free from depression’s grip for the rest of their years.  This happens when one is ready to have a spiritual awakening. Your Authentic Self is already free of all human issues. Your source energy is super high vibration.  I help you resources your innocence and Loving that dissolves the painful human illusionary idea that you are not loved unconditionally.

Give up merely coping and come experience permanent relief today!

Weight gain returns after most weight loss programs because they worked only on the physical level without working emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Weight gain is  caused by a combination (specific to each person) of the following: Poor breathing pattern (see smoking above) depression (see above), fear of intimacy, and procrastination with doing one’s higher calling.  We develop an individually tailored  weight loss program that gets results because we work on all levels.  I have you lose your physical weight via breathing exercises and dietary improvement, emotional weight via emotional clearing and reparenting (becoming a more loving adult to your inner child), mental weight–by giving you interesting materials to read and watch that upgrade your thought patterns from anxiety and worry into daily inspiration and confidence.

Eating Disorders are rooted in trapped emotions. Guilt is always involved.  Once a person can realize he she is innocent and deserving of love no matter what or how much he or she eats, the eating disorder can fall away permanently as it did for myself. I was caught in a yo-yo of fasting and binging on junk food. I have been free of this behavior for over 25 years, and look forward to assisting your permanent freedom.

General Coaching Price

  • $100 –  90 Minute session
  • $70 – 1 hour session

Addictions can be to substances and unhealthy behaviors such as kleptomania (stealing), pyromania (starting fires), compulsive gambling, and compulsive sex (including pornography, hiring prostitutes, extramarital affairs, rape, and any sexual behavior that is devoid of love).

Alcohol is the most socially acceptable drug yet the most destructive as it seems to encourage irresponsible behavior. More fatal accidents, crimes including rape and murder have been caused under the influence of alcohol than all the other drugs combined – yet it is the only legal drug. In America when boys become of age, instead of being initiated into manhood in a conscious way that encourages responsibility, most young men are initiated by getting drunk and getting laid. Essentially they learn to be a man is to be irresponsible and to use women for selfish gratification. Often, this is where the seeds of addiction begin to take root.

Marijuana is  second most popular addiction today is to marijuana.  While there is no evidence marijuana harms the physical body, our ascended masters (spiritual guardians who can see what we can not) tell us marijuana has been molecularly changed by nazi scientists to be addictive and to destroy one’s astral (emotional) body.   Those who use it on a regular basis fall emotionally behind, struggle in their relationships, and eventually lose their opportunity for enlightenment in the current incarnation.

What Drives Addiction, and How to Cure it. 

All “acting out” behavior is an unconscious way of trying to get the love one does not feel their life. People fall prey to addiction because they are caught in the “quick sand” of old toxic memories (many rooted in past lives) and they have yet to realize the healing of the all pervasive Loving of their Divine Source.

I am an expert here because I have mastered addition and conquered it.  To be honest, I suffered from addiction for about 30 years; my recovery was slow. There was not a recovery template out there that really worked for me so I had to take pieces from other programs and re-synthesize a program better suited to my understanding.  This is not to say I did it on my own without the help of others. One of the cornerstones of addiction is the belief I have to do everything on my own based in the illusion “I am alone.”  Feeling isolated and disconnected from loving relationships is the hallmark of the addictive personality. Getting help from the right people that helped empower me (especially during those times I was feeling down on myself) was one of the essential keys for my gaining complete freedom.

A popular belief is there is no cure, that one is an addict for life. Just as I have not found any “incurable” disease that has not been cured by someone, I, and many others, have gained our complete libration from every kind of unhealthy addictive behavior.  We have replaced our addictions to unhealthy substances, relationships,  and behaviors with our new addiction to the precious SOURCE ENERGY that beats our hearts that many call God. It can also be called our LIFE, our full aliveness, our infinite INNER POWER and WISDOM and great UNCONDITIONAL LOVING for ourselves and all our relations.  Once consciousness rises to a certain level of spiritual awakening, there is no chance of returning to a lower form of existence because we are evolving souls. If you work with me, you will learn to trust your souls’s unstoppable growth. One day at a time, perhaps two steps forward and one step back,  you will climb out of your toxic patterns with the aid of your higher power, the source of your being that is always free to choose your life anew. You are that freedom that is waiting to be realized. I help you realize your powerful divine Self, grounded in your body, and body of affairs. Once you fully know yourself you become so happy in your creativity and loving relationships wasting your time in any other way becomes out of the question. Recovery offers so much more than being free of an addition; it is the recovery of ones magnificent SOUL and resulting super full life.  You will never feel empty again.

Soul Recovery In 90 Days Coaching Program

I offer  this spiritually based addiction recovery program tailored to each person’s  specific situation.  In general, it includes the following:

  • meeting in a recovery group teleconference meeting every day for 60 to 90 days.
  • telephone or Skype meetings with myself to clear your trapped emotions three times a week for your first month of sobriety, two times a week during your second month of sobriety, and once a week on the your third month of sobriety.

Suggested Donations for The Soul  Recovery in 90 days Program. 

  • $100 or more per week for 3 sessions/wk until after 30 days of sobriety is attained.
  • $65 or more per week for 2 sessions/wk until after 60 days of sobriety is attained.
  • $40 or more per week for 1 session/wk until after 90 days of sobriety.

Addiction continues until one places his recovery higher than any other life priority.  This happens once a person has hit bottom, the realization that he is ruining his life and he MUST get help.  Email me if  you have financial problems and  you are sincere to do whatever it takes to get free. After  telephone interview to check out our chemistry together, I will consider working with you for an amount you can afford.