Listed below are the Admissions Criteria and Application Steps for prospective local and online students seeking to enroll in UMS’s M.A. Graduate Program in Holistic Healing. Spiritual Psychology Counseling, and Life Success Coaching.  Each Application is carefully reviewed to determine students selected for admission have met the University’s high admission standards.

Admissions Criteria

The University of Mount Shasta uses the following criteria to evaluate each applicant’s completed application:

  • Personal Honesty
  • Consider yourself having a spiritual awakening
  • Commitment to life-long learning
  • Prior successful academic coursework
  • Ability to think clearly and write well in English
  • Emotional/psychological maturity, including interpersonal competencies, attributes, and skills necessary to be successful in an academic Graduate Program with experiential components
  • Agreement to be drug and alcohol free during all classes. (Medical situations are considered)
  • Two or more references from past professors or professional colleagues
  • Submission of a completed UMS Application on or before September 31. (Discounts apply for earlier submissions.)
  • One or more letters of recommendation from a past professor or professional colleague.
  • A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited, or acceptable foreign institution (U.S. Bachelor’s equivalent) (send copy of diploma)
  • If you are seeking Admission as a non-degree student, you will be required to pay the same fees and complete all the same assignments as graduate students to receive your CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION (COC). 

Because of UMS’s commitment to an excellent education, enrollment in our Residential Master’s Program  is limited.   Spaces are filled on a first come first serve basis.  Therefore, we strongly encourage you to begin your application process as early as possible to receive priority consideration for admission.  In addition, the earlier one applies, the more deeply the tuition price is discounted.

Application Steps

The application process is designed to be a gradual deepening of an enjoyable and  trusting relationship between you and UMS. We find out early on if we are a good match to save you the effort of filling out the entire application. Here are the steps:

  1. Join our email list (if you have not already done so) to stay abreast of our current events. 
  2. Schedule a 40 minute interview with an admissions counselor below.  
  3. Fill out the Tuition Calculator to determine your exact tuition determined by your income, how, and when you pay. 
  4. Receive an Accelerated Healing session with Maqua Iqua.  This allows you to have a personal  experience of some of the work you will be learning.
  5. Pay the $800 registration fee below. After paying the registration fee, you have two weeks to complete the application below.  (If not accepted, all money is returned, except the Accelerated Healing session cost)
  6. You will receive an acceptance letter within 3 business days after receiving your application and letter of recommendation

Make an Interview Appointment Below 

Interview Review:
Thank you so much, for a very inspiring interview and conversation.   Most of what I was curious and wondering about with the program was addressed.  The nature of the interview, allowed me to come away with a sense of how the school feels outside of the material itself, and that is personally very important to me.  The interview allowed me to see and sense, how this program can help with my vision, for a holistic practice, and strengthen my energetic skills.  I did not know the coaching industry is the second largest in the United States.  That was also quite valuable to learn.  It is quite a unique program.   I felt Joa extended his talents and care most generously in the short time allotted.  His insight was a wonderful gift in itself.  That came as  a much appreciated surprise.  
I was glad I took the chance to schedule an interview.
With Gratitude,

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